Member and Course Updates

Member and Course Updates

I wanted to write and give our members a few updates on things going on at the club and a few proposed maintenance projects.

The MGA, WGA, Ninettes, Bob Tate, and Craig from the Saturday group met about a week ago to review our local rules.  The discussion involved the various leagues, but also brought up a few points I wanted to address first – carts on path and attire.

Carts need to exit the fairway at the posts.  Also, carts should never leave the path on any par 3 specifically hole #16 on the Pines.  We ask you treat the course with proper care and follow the cart rules.   Always return carts to the path at the exit post and never get within 30 yards of the green.  Parking near greens is never allowed.

Attire.  Standard golf attire still applies.  There has been a HUGE change in golf attire in the last several year and we do sell non collared shirts.  We still do not allow jeans (denim) on the course.  I will instruct the golf shop to enforce this rule immediately.  We will also post signs stating our policy on the doors and in the shop.

Frost delays.  Due to the prep work needed to get the courses ready, we decided to just leave it as a delay on the tee times.  This is mainly to blow off greens and get the course ready without any additional delay.  We now have the ability to email everyone who is listed out on the tee sheet, as long as they have an active email address.  If you made a group tee time, it will go to the person who made the time.  If you want to get the email, ask the person who is making the time to add all the names to it and it will email it to all of you directly.  Our main email server does not always go out to all the members, but so far the system has worked pretty good.

Here are a few other maintenance related items:

– Rakes are returning back onto both golf courses! We ask all members and guests to please rake the bunkers after going in and hitting a shot. After raking, we ask that you please leave the head of the rake inside the bunker, with the handle leaning outside the bunkers edge.  We are working to get all the rakes back into each bunker and it is taking a bit of time to do so.  Most larger sized bunkers will have 2 rakes and smaller ones will have 1 for now.

– The rough is still in the process of being mowed on the River course. It is getting much better, and much more playable. However, this process takes time, and moving all of the grass clippings is especially time consuming. We ask for you to please have patience with our crew during this process.

– Leaves are still falling on both courses and there may be days in which they try to clear them to the tree lines, so they will need to blow them across a fairway.  Again – please exercise caution when encountering our crew working to make the course look better!

– In addition, the crew will also be doing tree work on both courses during this winter season. When encountering the crew working, we once again ask for you to be patient, as they are working hard to improve conditions.

– The 3 pin system will be in place for the winter season for both courses, this is in order to cut down on the wear and tear on the greens throughout the winter golf season. When putting, if you have to putt over an old hole (hole with a plug), you may move your ball(no closer to the hole) in order to give yourself a clear line to the hole in play. This may be done with no penalty incurred.

– New flags have been set out on the Pines course, followed by new flags on the River course as soon as they arrive. We are moving to a Front-Middle-back pin system. A red flag will represent a front pin, a white flag will represent a middle pine, and a yellow flag will represent a back pin.

If you have any questions or concerns, I always have time to speak with you.  Just stop by my office or ask for me in the golf shop and I will come down and speak with you.

Best Regards,

David Bungarz

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