member cancellation policy update

Member cancellation policy update

Thank you for all the feedback with the new booking policy I would like to clarify a couple points.


1.   We are not targeting the groups that make 2 tee times (8 players) and have 6, we are trying to stop the large bookings (16 + Guests) who only show up with 3, in that case the club is losing potential revenue, we need to maximize our tee times because each open time is lost revenue every 9 minutes.

2.   Weather cancelation policy – I do apologize for not adding this in to the first email, it was on my list to add and I completely forgot.  If the weatherman tells us it is going to rain, then we will not be holding anyone responsible for their missed time.  As well as if its raining, we would obviously like for you to call and cancel your time in the morning however it is not necessary.  We would not be losing open spot because the course would potentially be closed anyway.

3.   You can book in the shop 7 days out not 14, your 2-week window is only online

4.   We are working on have the online portal to have the ability to book multiple tee times, unfortunately it is out of our hands and with the developers, we will update when this feature is available.


I hope this clears up the main points and issues that I have heard, if there re any further questions please feel free to contact me by email


Best regards,

JP Longueil

Regional General Manager


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