Pines Course Fertilization

Jimmie Murphy and his crew just have not stopped improving the courses!  Fertilization of the course will begin on Wednesday and should be done in a few hours.  Every part of the course will be fertilized, excluding greens.  This has not been done in several years and we are excited to get back into a proper feeding program for the turf grass.

Pines course will be completed on Wednesday and Foxfire Red & Grey are scheduled for Thursday if this week.

New Flags

You will start to see we have changed our flags.  They will be a gold and black flag, so we will no longer use the 3 flag color system.  We will soon have the quadrant system in place.  It will replace the Front/Middle/Back system that does not really work for many of our greens.  

While we work on the system, we will use the forward rotating system of Front/Middle/Back.  1 will be front, 2 will be middle, 3 will be back, 4 will be front and it will rotate thru all 18 holes.  The next day will begin 1 will be middle, 2 will be back, 3 will be front etc.

New flag poles on the range

You will also see new flag poles on the range.  We will continue to improve every area of the property as much as possible.  We were very serious about improving EVERY area of the course.  Our goal from last year has been to create a course that rivals some of the best in the area.  Not only just good greens, but great turf grass everywhere.  Top quality practice facilities and putting green to compliment a great golf course.

This will not change overnight, but we are doing little by little each day.  You may not SEE the changes, but you will begin to FEEL them.  Dry areas will begin to soften.  Wet areas will begin to dry out.  This process will take time.  It did not happen overnight and sadly, it cannot be fixed overnight.  Just know that you have a professional team dedicating their time in fixing what needs to be fixed.


The Pines course is scheduled for aerification on May 17th and 18th.  We will be using 3/8″ tines and fine sand for the process.  This will allow some time to play the River greens before they are replaced.

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