River Course Updates

Course Updates

We wanted to share of few pictures of the River greens and give you a few updates.  

First, below are a few pictures of the greens as today.  You can see the greens are covered in the sprigs and the grass growing.  As they grow, they will be topdressed and rolled and constantly watered.  We will water less and less as the days go by to ensure the roots take hold.

This is only the first step of a long process, but the results are looking good.  As time goes by, they will start looking more like a green you would want to roll putts!

We have placed water back out onto the course.  While we had to carefully decide on what to do, water on the course seemed to be the best option.  Since we do not have water fountains at the restrooms, it was decided to just put the coolers back out.  

Water coolers are now on the 10th tee and 14th/15th fairway restroom.  We will be placing a 3rd at the 6th tee shortly.  Water will be available at all the restroom areas on the Pines Course.

We will continue to keep you up to date with what we have done and what else we will be doing, but so far, we are pleased with the progress.

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