Tee time cancellation policy

Tee time cancellation policy

Good Afternoon,

I am so glad to hear all the positive feedback on the new booking procedure, I know some of you have some concerns but always remember we are here to help. 

e are fully committed to moving all bookings online.  It will save everyone time in the long term.  We will continue to make improvements to making tee times online faster and easier.

In person booking at the shop counter is allowed:

Our intentions are to go fully to online booking.  However, while we are working towards that goal, we will accept tee times at the counter.   We will book the tee time, but will only be able to do a 7 days advance tee time.  In order to get the 14 day tee time, it must be booked online.

No Show/Cancellation Policy:

Our cancellation policy is 24 hours.  We have been tracking unused tee times for everyone.  Starting today, March 22, 2021, we will be enforcing the no show policy at both Whispering Pines and Foxfire.

Members who book tee times and do not call the Golf Shop 24 hours prior to the scheduled tee time that they are unable to play, will be charged $25/player for those who do not show up for their group.  At this time, we will only charge for full tee time no shows.

We know that things come up and people will cancel last minute.  If you book a time and 1 or 2 do not show up, we will not charge for that.  We are more focused on the booking of 2-3 tee times and only using 1 or 2 and leaving a full unused tee time.  For that, we would charge $100 ($25 per player) for the unused time.  The person booking it would be responsible for the charge.

We are trying to maximize our tee sheets to get the absolute most out of our product and if we block times that are not being used that is potential revenue that the club has lost.

I understand this will be a learning curve and will work with the bigger groups to make sure we are staying in line with the expectation of the club as well as your expectation as members.  We are working everyday to try and improve all features and workability of this system.

As always please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about this new policy.

Best Regards,

JP Longueil

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