Tee time & other updates

Tee time & Other updates

Several members have asked me to send out some previously sent
messages, so I will combine a few on here to ensure all of our communications
will be received by the people who need to receive them.  These are not exactly the same messages, but is mostly the overall information that was previously sent.

First, in case you do not receive a message from us, ALL messages
will now go through our news section.  We are aiming to send these out
every Monday and Thursday.  If you do not receive anything, please check your spam/junk mail folder first, but this page will have all recent posts.  You can click on any post to the right side below the calendar for recent posts to help navigate through them.


The main purpose is to keep you informed of any changes.  Please share this with someone who is not getting communications from us.

Online Member Tee Times:

Moving forward, all member tee times are to be made online.  We are allowing you to make them 14 days in advance for booking them that way.  You may make them in person at the counter, but it would be limited to 7 days advance tee times.

To book a member tee time, just use the following link to get started:

Click here for online tee times

  • Now click on a tee time and once you are in that page, look at the round black icon in the upper right corner. That is where you create an account or log into your account.  Once you are logged into your account, you can proceed with the final steps
  • After you signed into your account and selected the tee time, now select the number of players and click “BOOK TEE TIME”
  • In the promo code section – add the code “WPmember21” and press apply
  • The amount should show as $0.00 and tell you the credit amount was applied
  • Fill in the payment details and click “RESERVE NOW”
  • Repeat this process for multiple times.
We are working to enhance this, so this is the beginning of the process.

Divots and Beer Event has been rescheduled

This will now be held on Thursday March 25th at 5:00 PM at the 1st tee.  We will supply bottles of sand to help fill all the divots and you will get 3 cans of domestic beer on ice.  Hotdogs, premium beers and other provisions will be available for purchase from the bev cart.

Join us as well fill as many divots as we can on the Pines course!

River Course Greens Replacement Has Been Scheduled

This was sent about 3 weeks ago from JP:

I would like to thank all of you for your input and support during this process for the River greens conversion.  After many discussions with John, Jimmie and the select members, we have all agreed to move forward with the assessment and conversion of the River Greens.  We had exceptionally good support in the survey, as well to the people that added their vote by phone email and text. Thank you for taking the time to get your vote in, regardless of which way you voted, we appreciate it.


So, what is next?  Well now, nothing we are going to keep the course open as long as possible.  Jimmie will be spraying the greens to kill the grass on May 15th.  This process will most likely take a week or two before they are unplayable, then we will be closing the Course.  The sprigs have been ordered and will be arriving on June 18th, Jimmie will be then monitoring them everyday to make sure they are coming in full and healthy.  The projected open date is on September 1st, we will be holding a Members appreciation event on the River around that time so keep an eye out for sign up.

The Assessment: I am aware that there may be some of you who do not agree and would like to be heard, I urge you to email me and set up a time to come talk with me.  I would be more than happy to sit down and allow you time to voice your concerns.  The assessment will be billed in June to be paid by July 18th, as stated before it will be $400 for Family Golf and $300 for Single Golf Members.  Each assessed membership will receive 4 free rounds of golf for any Brown Golf facility (7 day booking window). We will have the promo codes that can be used for these rounds of golf at any of our properties including our own, they will be available shortly before July.

Again, I want to thank all of your for your support of CCWP and I know I am looking forward to a very bright future here in Whispering Pines!

Thank you,
JP Longueil

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3 thoughts on “Tee time & other updates”

  1. Now that Sunset is +730pm, and will continue to advance even later, when will the Driving Range hours be changed to perhaps 7pm?

    1. Our driving range is open until dusk. The range may start to close Tuesday evenings once the grass is growing so we can cut it early Wednesday morning.


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