The Pool is Now Open

The pool is now officially open and members can start using it at anytime.

Here is the link to the signup page:

We are still under the same restrictions as last year with our pool swimmer count.  In the meantime, we will continue to use the online signup sheet like last year. 

The pool hours of operation will be 10am-8pm daily.  The sign up sheet will be broken down in time blocks.  10am-12pm, 12pm-2pm, 2pm-4pm, 4pm-6pm, 6pm-8pm.  This will ensure equal usage of the pool.  You can sign up for one time per day and after that time was used, you can sign up again for another.  Example:
Sign up for 10am-12pm.  If you wish to stay and only 1 person signed up for the next time block, you can reserve a time for the next block.  Now, if the next block is full, you will be required to leave.  This makes it fair to everyone and allows more usage on the weekends when times are most requested.  

The fitness center is open.  The code is 2378.  It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Use it when you like.  We do not supply water or towels.  There is a bottle of sanitizer and paper towels to wipe down the equipment before you use it and again when you are done.  We do have the A/C running, so please do not turn it off or unplug it.  Please be mindful of the next person.

We are currently seeking someone to run the swim team.  Amanda will be starting the team, but we will need someone to run it for the remaining portion of the year.  Please reach out to Karina or Amanda for more details.  If we are not able to secure someone to run it, we will not be able to have a swim team this year. 


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