Turf Talk – Featuring Jimmie Murphy

Turf Talk

Happy Spring to everyone! I am sure glad it has finally arrived. It was a wet and cold winter. Not very conducive of growing grass. We did survive though!

We had a decent winter season as far as the courses were concerned.

We were able to remove quite of few trees on the River course and got a lot of the underbrush cleaned up. We will continue next winter on additional clean up, and special projects.

We removed a lot of trees on the river course as well as a lot of stump removal.  We where also able to get stumps ground on the pines. We are also trying to get some of the roots removed from playing areas.

This spring we were able to get all of our bunkers hard edged.  This gave us a better-defined edge.

We continue to rake bunkers regularly and will continue with this process through the summer.

We will be putting bunker rakes on the rental carts, I was going to try and leave them on the course, however it just makes more sense to put them on the carts.  If you have a slot on your cart and would like to get one for your cart, we should be able to accommodate that.  Just let David or JP know and I can either leave at the cart barn or you can swing by maintenance.

We have started aerification of collars and approaches, we will continue until complete.  I am trying not to disturb play or playing conditions.  Sometimes it happens.   It is not our intentions to upset your round.  We are just trying to get the most out of our resources and not shut the golf course down.

We will also be slicing the fairways for the aerification process this year.  This will relieve some compaction and promote better air and water flow.

We have completed our spring pre-emergent on both courses as well as our first application of pre-emergent for the greens for summer annual weeds.

As the soil temperature rises, we will begin to lightly verticut the greens followed by the top dressing.  This will be a monthly process in order to keep thatch to a minimal.

We will be closing the pines course down on May 12 and 13th for the aerification of the greens.  We will be doing a 5/8 of an inch tine and will follow up with top dressing and Profile a ceramic particle, which will give us better air and water exchange on the greens.  We will also amend our soils with calcium at this time.

We have staggered the dates for our two properties in hopes of giving you a course to play during aerification.


We will be going forward with the regressing of the River greens this year. I will try and keep you up to speed during the process.

We are planning on spraying the river out on May 24th.  We will begin verticutting them aggressively and lowering heights prior to spraying them out in order to get a good kill on existing turf.

The plant date is June 18th. We are once again going with Champion Bermuda as our choice of Bermuda.

We are excited about this renovation; it will give us two quality courses to play on year around.

As I said before I will try and post some videos and updates periodically to keep you up to date on our process.

During this process, please refrain from walking on the surfaces once I plant them.  I am going to be aggressive with the grow in and will get them open as soon as possible.  Currently we are shooting for a September 1st date.  I will try and get them sooner for you to enjoy, but they will be perfect before I am open them.

We hope you have a great spring and start of your summer!

As you know I will be busy, but hopefully I will see out there.




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2 thoughts on “Turf Talk – Featuring Jimmie Murphy”

  1. Jimmy, great plan and good work so far, best improvement I’ve seen in my 18 years here. I like being out there and see 1 or 2 guys doing a job, previously I saw 3 guys racking a bunker, ki looks like you know how to utilize the manpower you have, even though you short handed, keep up the good work, and I look forward to all the new improvements

  2. Jimmie,
    Kudos to your maintenance team for the work they have done on the river course to improve its condition. It’s noticeable! It pains me to see the ruts created by some golf carts that had no business in the fairway on # 10 river. On another note …. Is there any chance that the tee box on # 4 river course, silver tees could be leveled? There isn’t a level place to tee off from on this tee. Thanks!

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